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InFASTA is a open-source software developed in C++ with wxWidgets as GUI framework, that allows the manipulation of FASTA files. The present version (0.1) is a beta release with some simple functions, such as splitting a multiFASTA file in single ones, merging single files in a multiFASTA and splitting a large singleFASTA file in two smaller sequences.

InFASTA is distributed under GPL, so open-source. If you are interested in develop functions to InFASTA just send me an email or join the project on sourceforge.

No formal documentation exists to date. A README file is being developed, as long as installation instructions and a CHM help.

If you donate to support the project 80% of the money will go to charity (the other 20% will be donated to wxWidgets, but this is not automatic from

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) 10%  
KDE.ORG 20%  
Open Source Initiative (OSI) 30% 20%

Any comments suggestions and problems please send an email to


To download Windows and Linux version 0.1 from sourceforge click here.

Windows installation is straightforward, using a setup file. Linux compilation needs wxWidgets 2.4.2 compiled in the target machine. A stand-alone version for Linux is available upon request.

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Last updated December 12, 2004